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Choosing The Right Washington DC Real Estate Agent

Washington, D.C.

Whether you are purchasing your dream home or your next investment property in Washington DC, having the right estate agent in your corner can make a big difference. You see, buying or renting a property isn’t like getting a cup…

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Key Questions To Ask At An Open House


Open houses have been around since the early 1900s. When real estate was first emerging as an industry, real estate brokers would list their homes as “open for inspection.” The first recorded open house took place in 1910, and by…

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How Accurate Are Zillow Home Value Estimates?


When Zillow first launched in 2005, it shook the real estate industry for its ability to provide instant appraisals. Zillow’s search engines allows users type in an address and see an estimated value of any home. Over the past few…

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Choosing The Right Mortgage Lender

choosing the right lender

One of the most difficult tasks concerning your home mortgage is selecting the right mortgage lender. Nowadays, there are many lenders eagerly waiting to accept your loan application, but just because they are ready does not make them the best option…

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Mortgage Mistakes To Avoid


For most people, a mortgage is the largest financial commitment a person will make in their lifetime. Unfortunately, many home buyers have made dicey mortgage decisions on their way to owning homes. This article provides insights to readers on mortgage mistakes…

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I have a ratified contract on a home. Now what?

ratified contract

After all those long months of trying to find the right home, you finally have a ratified contract.  So, what comes next? This post takes a look at the steps after a ratified contract. Outside of closing, ratifying a contract…

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Pros and Cons of Selling a House As Is


Selling a house as is generally means putting the property up on the market for sale without doing any renovation work or sans prepping up the house to attract potential buyers. There are several reasons why homeowners opt to take…

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