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Is a 20 Percent Home Loan Down Payment Necessary?

loan application

Is a 20 Percent Home Loan Down Payment Necessary? A down payment is the sum paid to the seller of a house. It’s the initial sum towards home ownership, with the rest of the money paid with a mortgage loan.…

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How to Get Rid of Private Mortgage Insurance


How to Get Rid of Private Mortgage Insurance   The concept of Private mortgage insurance can be a confusing one; Leaving first time home buyers, or even seasoned property investors who have taken a different route on their new property…

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Moving to Fairfax


Moving to Fairfax   Before moving to any city, it is important to get a feel for the local culture and economy to make sure that it’s really where you want to be. Fairfax, VA is a city with a…

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Your Essential Guide To Living In Northern Virginia

northern virginia real estate

Northern Virginia is one of the most popular suburbs in the United States. Its popularity comes from its close proximity to the nation’s capital. It is also home to three counties that annually make the list of top 10 richest…

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Types of Home Loans

types of home loans

Buying a home is a major life decision. Most regular people resort to mortgage loans when considering a real estate purchase. The mortgage loan scene may differ across countries – particularly in terms of the types of loans available, their…

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Arlington Named Best Place to Retire

arlington-real estate

In our last entry, we covered Arlington’s ranking as the 2nd best city for millennials. Arlington’s ranking was a result of a number of positive attributes such as easy access to shop, bars, restaurants, and coffee shops. It’s low unemployment…

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2nd Best City for Millennials: Arlington, VA

arlington real estate

Students who have recently graduated from college are always on the lookout for prospective jobs. Most of them are trying to weigh the advantages and disadvantages between living near their hometown versus venturing into a new city. The unfamiliarity of…

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MGM National Harbor Opening

mgm national harbor

It’s finally here! The highly anticipated opening of the MGM is set for Dec 8, 2016.   It was not too long ago that the Prince George’s County approved the MGM National Harbor casino project. Expected to generate 2,000 jobs, the…

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Reasons Your Agent Wants You Pre-Approved Before Showing You Homes

mortgage preapproval

Real estate agents follow certain procedures in order to serve their clients the best way possible. By requiring clients to have a pre-approved mortage, they are looking out for their best interests. This doesn’t mean that they’re trying to be…

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Loudoun and Fairfax counties rank as happiest in America

loudoun county real estate

Americans have always had an amazing quality of life. The United States ranks among the highest in the world. They have also been consistently included in the Top 10 ranking of the Better Life Index. It’s a system which strategically…

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