Seven Low Cost Kitchen Redos Potential Home Buyers Will Love


Seven Low Cost Kitchen Redos Potential Home Buyers Will Love

One of the benefits of using a good Washington DC real estate agent is getting advise on low cost updates to your home that will attract home buyers.  Kitchen updates to a DC area home can be a major driver for home buyers in the purchase of your home.

Kitchens are one of the primary features that potential home buyers compare up close when they are shopping homes for sale. However, adding character and reinventing your kitchen space does not have to put you in the poor house. The secret is in new lighting, fresh paint, vintage accents, and smartly using colorful tiles to make the hub of your home appealing to those looking for a home to buy. Implementing these seven inexpensive DIY tactics will transform your kitchen from drab to glam in no time at all.

Paint Cabinets

White cabinets and dark wood cabinets can be painted in refreshing hues such as a pale yellow, blue, or green to balance out an intense floor or countertop color while adding character to the cabinets themselves. Using a semi-gloss paint (such as Behr) will ensure they are attractive and easy to clean. This small home improvement itself will transform the entire kitchen in one look.


It is incredibly easy to enhance the kitchen space by replacing cabinet hardware, such as knobs, hinges, and handles. According to, the average kitchen has about 40 knobs and handles. Prices of replacements range from $2 – $20 for each pull or knob, so a homeowner can affordably replace the entire kitchen hardware for approximately $80 or more before selling the house to homebuyers in the current real estate market.


While the kitchen faucet may not seem like a big deal, it carries a certain appeal for potential homebuyers. In other words, installing a modern model can prove to be quite beneficial in showing the overall functionality of the sink. There are numerous options today, including various heights, pullout hoses, folding necks, sprouts, and more. A high quality faucet can typically be found at around $200 in the home improvement section of your local hardware store.

Task Lighting

Classier than recessed cans and track lighting, pendant lighting placed above the kitchen island provide prime lighting at a lower cost than the others. Large scale aluminum models that match cabinet hardware and the faucet are great ways to tie the details of the kitchen together for optimum appeal. Putting an LED light under the kitchen cabinet with the most counter space can have a dramatic effect for around $40.


When it comes to making a major difference in your kitchen, there is no bigger effect than changing the flooring. Go with an old school material, such as linoleum. Available in more than a dozen colors and shades, a vibrant red or bold blue will make for a remarkable new floor. Naturally antimicrobial, easy to clean, and at low prices, linoleum is an affordable way to update your kitchen while providing convenience to new home buyers. Another option is to bring the outside inside to your kitchen floor. Using patio pavers for your floor upgrade is inexpensive, and pavers are easy to clean and hard-wearing.


Potential home buyers today are choosing organization and functionality over expensive elaborate designs. Ensuring that the kitchen has an abundance of practical storage can go a long way. Adding roll-out shelving and stackable shelves in the cabinets and pantry adds a lot of appeal, as they optimize the entire storage space in the kitchen. Baskets in the pantry, over the door hooks, drawer organizers, and hooks for kitchen utensils are easy to install and inexpensive to purchase. For less than a $100, you can change your current minimum storage options in your kitchen by maximizing the storage potential.

Butcher Block

If you have a kitchen island, take a few bucks to cover the top with a butcher block. The knife-friendly, hard-wearing surface will save time for future homeowners. It also allows for easy preparation of foods in the kitchen space, whether making a small snack or a large feast to feed an army. Plus, the wood surface will soften the look of dark countertops and cabinets that surround the room.

By utilizing many of these inexpensive home improvement tips in your kitchen, it is easy to upgrade the entire room for considerably less money than a renovation or rehab would cost. Potential homebuyers looking at homes for sale in today’s real estate market will love the ease of use and functionality of the kitchen, while finding the décor to be modern and pleasing to the eye.

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