The Colors That Help (And Hurt) Your Home’s Selling Potential


The Colors That Help (And Hurt) Your Home’s Selling Potential


It is tempting for many homeowners to see their homes as a canvas on which to indulge their passions for creativity and color. Most homes quickly come to reflect the personalities of the people who live within them through the shades and hues that abound inside.

However, self-indulgent color choices can come back to haunt homeowners trying to sell their homes in a less adventurous market.

This was the takeaway from a recent survey by lifestyle magazine, Better Home and Gardens. Respondents revealed that color was a significant factor in their decisions not just generally, but also specifically how and where it was used around the home.

Here are the 5 color-related trends that the survey uncovered.

1. Avoid Orange, Black and Violet
These were the top three least-favored colors in that order. Orange was described as being too ‘loud’ and received the thumbs-down from almost 60% of respondents.
All is not lost, however, if you are a fan of one or more of this supposedly terrible trio – simply limit their use to smaller surfaces instead of large walls.

2. At the other end of the scale – Blue and Green
Blue emerged as the clear favorite among homeowners, with over 60% of those surveyed saying it was the most welcome shade of home decor. Effervescent green came in second, and the mild, calming hues of neutrals claimed third spot.
Stick with this trifecta and the process of selling your home may become a whole lot faster and easier.

3. Oversaturation can be Overwhelming
Saturated hues are great for bringing out details and creating ambience, but there is a fine line after which a single color can become overbearing.
The majority of polled homeowners were comfortable with color use in the living room, kitchen and bathroom. However, they voiced reservations about its use in the main bedroom, dining room and foyer. Again, nuanced use is crucial.

4. Small doses are the key
Rather than frown upon color use altogether, the homeowners Better Homes surveyed said that virtually all colors were acceptable in limited quantities and in smaller areas. For homeowners this means leaving flat surfaces like walls, ceilings and floors in neutrals to accent and complement a home’s furnishings and accessories.
If you are a fan of bright colors, you need not forego them altogether – just spread them around the home to create a welcoming layout.

5. Some things are better inside-out
There is still hope for lovers of orange and other colors that did not fare so well in the survey – some homeowners were more accepting of such bolder colors on the exterior of a home.
Let us be clear – only 8% of those polled said that they would consider loud colors on the entire exterior. However, they were less inclined to protest if the color was limited to specific areas like the front door or shutters. If you cannot stand the idea of a plain, brown door, that is the excuse you need to indulge.

Planning color use around your home using this list of simple insights lets you create a real estate gem that will attract ample attention when it’s time to sell. On the other hand, if you absolutely need to have that orange wall and ceiling now, just remember to repaint them a neutral shade if you decide to put your home on the market.

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