The benefits of an open house

The benefits of an open house

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Open houses has long been a staple of the real estate buying/selling process.  It has long been debated if it is truly beneficial for the home seller or if it is just a tool for real estate agents to pick up leads for themselves. In this article, we take a look at the benefits to the seller and how it can play a major part in driving the sale of a home.

Benefits of open house on the part of sellers

Sellers are in a better position to effectively promote their properties for sale when they use open house technique. These benefits include:

1. It is a very suitable technique

Perhaps you are a seller who has many commitments in terms of personal and work life. This would mean that you have to juggle between the two and still allocate time to meet with buyers interested in your property. This can be quite a dilemma making you lose buyers thus end up not selling your property at all. The realtors you hire might also be unpredictable making the process of marketing and selling your property not happen at all. However, with the open house technique, you have the advantage of getting buyers to view your property at once. This saves on the seller’s valuable time and also ensures you attend to your other personal commitments.

2. It is a time-conscious method

Open house viewing is a very economical method in terms of time. As a seller, you do not want to experience the agony of having to respond to the same questions posed by buyers every other day. Since all prospective buyers view your property at a go, you get to respond to their queries all at once. This is in contrast to majority of other house selling methods which demand that the seller handles each prospective client independently. This consumes a lot of time since a seller has to allocate time for each client prolonging the process of selling property.

3. Increases chances of selling property

As a seller, entirely depending on marketing strategy alone to sell your property will definitely not guarantee maximum awareness to buyers. Integrating open house technique will not only attract buyers but also magnify your clientele. This is so because a seller will incorporate various promotional methods-banners, billboard adverts, posters and the internet to inform customers of the open house viewing.

Benefits of open house on the part of buyers

For many buyers, acquiring a home is an unknown process. Majority of them are inadequately equipped with information on how to go about it. With open house, the buyers are in a position to benefit greatly in the following ways:

1. Accrue home buying tactics

Since first time home buyers hardly know where to start or end when buying a home, open house provides them with the opportunity to gather sufficient information on how to do so. The buyers have a chance to solicit for information from realtors who have in-depth knowledge due to their long experience and skills as well as the actual home sellers.

2. A lot of autonomy to scrutinize the property

When buyers attend an open house viewing function, they are better placed to survey it and access whether it matches their expectations. In addition to that, they are in a position have a clear idea of what the seller is offering thus make informed choices. Forbes highlights a list of things you should  pay close attention to during an open house.

3. Validate the cost of the property

In the process of surveying a house, a buyer will also get a chance to gauge if the cost and the interest to be charged is genuine. This is important since there might be malicious sellers who charge exorbitant prices which are not in line with the current state of the house. Thus, a buyer might end up getting a property which does not match with the amount paid for.

Finally, open house is a technique that provides both sellers and buyers with several benefits as already mentioned above. Sellers are able to market their brand simultaneously to many buyers. On the other hand, buyers are able to acquire lots of tips on the property buying procedure.

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