2nd Best City for Millennials: Arlington, VA

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Update: According to 2017 rankings by Niche, Arlington is now the #1 best city for millennials

Students who have recently graduated from college are always on the lookout for prospective jobs. Most of them are trying to weigh the advantages and disadvantages between living near their hometown versus venturing into a new city. The unfamiliarity of living in a new city can become a setback in their professional lives. In order to help students in this confusing process, Niche has created an impressive ranking system about the best cities in the United States for millennials. It specifically focuses on the decision making and behavior patterns of the millenials. The overall findings show that Arlington provides plenty of job opportunities and entertainment options. Thousands of Arlington millenials have already considered the city as their new home.

Niche.com is a website which evaluates a total of 227 cities wherein they collect various data which come largely from the United States Census. There were specific factors considered to come up with the most accurate results. These factors include the percentage of millenials who decided to move to the city and the percentage of residents ranging from ages 25 to 34. Other factors considered were ethnic diversity, crime, unemployment and median rent. There were also quality of life distinctive considerations which were studied to be ranked accordingly. These considerations include proximity to restaurants, coffee shops and bars.

According to the findings, Cambridge Massachusetts won the top spot. It scored very high in the diversity scale and had convenient accessibility to various quality of life considerations. Approximately 75% of Cambridge residents have bachelor’s degrees. Cambridge is most popularly known for being the home of Harvard University. Although it remains to have higher costs of living compared to other cities, it still won the top spot in the Niche ranking since it had more than a quarter of local residents who are millenials. According to statistics, 6.5% of those residents were students who moved to the city in the previous year.

In second place according to the Niche.com ranking is Arlington, Virginia. Even though it had similar high costs of living similar to Cambridge, Arlington still won second place. The cost of living didn’t become a hindrance in being ranked the 2nd Best City for Millenials by the Niche ranking. Arlington has plenty of positive attributes like having easy access to bars, coffee shops and restaurants. Findings also show that it had a high ethnic diversity ranking. Arlington has an impressively high millenial population. The city’s low unemployment rates makes it the perfect city for millenials. It is often referred to as a young job seeker’s paradise because of the endless amounts of opportunity it offers.

In third place is Alexandria, Virginia. According to the findings, Alexandria received a high rating in terms of quality of life considerations. It had easy access to various social hubs such in the area such as bars, coffee shops and restaurants. However, it only won third place because it received lower marks in terms of cost of living and safety compared to Cambridge and Arlington. The calculations used by Niche.com came from various findings from the FBI, CDC and the U.S. Census.

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