Loudoun and Fairfax counties rank as happiest in America

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Americans have always had an amazing quality of life. The United States ranks among the highest in the world. They have also been consistently included in the Top 10 ranking of the Better Life Index. It’s a system which strategically compares different countries based on specific factors. Last year, the United States ranked 6th place. The country has a wide variety of cultures which makes it incredibly diverse. Each state has its own quality of life which is usually very different from what others have. In a recent study conducted by SmartAsset, they were able to discover key findings related to the happiest counties in America. Based on their analysis of metric data, which includes bankruptcies, marriage rates, life expectancy, etc. they were able to uncover counties with the highest quality of life. People who live in Fairfax County homes experience the best quality life can offer. Its residents are the happiest in the world making it a great place to settle down and enjoy life.

One of their biggest findings revealed that three out of the five happiest counties are located in the state of Virginia. In first place was Loudoun County, in second place was Fairfax County and in third place was Carver County in Minnesota. To be able to quantify the quality of life in these counties, SmartAsset gathered data on all U.S. counties which had at least 50,000 residents. They based their findings on eight different metrics which four specific factors directly related to a high quality of life. These factors were family stability, physical health, personal financial health and economic security. For family stability, they looked at interpersonal relationships which is considered to be the most important driver of happiness. In terms of physical health, they looked at two factors which were the percentage of the population who received the recommended amount of exercise and the average life expectancy. They based the personal financial health results using each county’s bankruptcy rate. Poverty and unemployment rates were considered for their economic security analysis.

Loudoun County’s population has dramatically increased over the past few years. In 1990, there were only 90,000 residents in Loudoun. Today, it has more than 310,000 residents. The reason for this impressive growth is because of the high quality of life Loudoun provides its residents. Its poverty rate is only at 3.6% which is the lowest of any major county in the U.S. Life expectancy is at 82.6% which puts it in the 6th spot. Marriage rate is at 62.3% which puts it in the 11th spot among all other counties. Fairfax County has more than 1.1 million residents and is considered to be the most populated county in Virginia. It is the biggest county included in SmartAsset’s Top 25 ranking. The household median income of Fairfax County is $100,000. It also has the average life expectancy of 83 years which makes it the third highest among all major counties in the United States. The reason for this impressive life expectancy rate is because 63% of the county’s population exercise regularly. This rating is considerably high since U.S. average is only 54%.

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