New Redskins Stadium In Loudoun County?

Redskins-Loudoun County Property

Can this be true?  The new Redskins stadium in Loudoun County?  According to Loudoun Times, there are speculations that the Washington Redskins organization might be interested in a prime, 280-acre slice of land that might hit the market.  The Washington Post reported on Sept 26th that two parcels of land along the Dulles Greenway and the upcoming Loudoun Gateway Metro Station will go up for sale in the near future.  The properties has been owned by local businessman Chris Antigone, who had planned to use the land for a mixed-use district, which he envisioned to include a hotel, restaurants, office towers, and a convention center. The plans for the site known as International City is pretty impressive.  The plan was also to develop 4,000 to 6,000 commuter parking spaces that will serve the new metro station.  Unfortunately, the International City plan went up the air when Chris Antigone was tossed from the family partnership he had with his wife’s uncle, Sam Taustin, for breaching the companies’ operating agreements following an eight-day trial in Fairfax County last year.  According to Loudoun Times, the Fairfax County judge David Schell found that Chris Antigone willfully and persistently “materially breached” the partnerships’ operating agreements by failing to prepare a yearly operating budget, by “spending money well in excess of the $20,000 in the aggregate of a budget that did not exist,” and by “spending hundreds of thousands of dollars of the Companies’ money without” the approval of the other voting members.  This is pretty much unfortunate for Loudoun County, because the development would have brought a lot of value to the area.  So, that’s where the Redskins come in.

It’s no surprise that Redskins’ owner is looking to move to a new stadium from its current location in Landover, MD.  It’s nothing new in NFL owner circles. They typically look to build new stadiums for their teams.  The Redskins’ current lease at FedEx field runs until 2027, so it makes sense to start looking for new sites. Earlier in the year, a new Redskins stadium concept was released that features a 60,000-seat stadium, open-air stadium on the inside, with lots going on around the exterior, including a moat, a possible amphitheater, a Redskins museum, and the possible future location of the team’s headquarters and training facilities.  It sure looks like Dan Snyder is locked in on a design, so you know the purchased of land for the new stadium is already in motion.  The team’s corporate headquarters is located in Ashburn and their training camp is held in Richmond, so it will be no surprise if Northern Virginia ends up the site of the new stadium. Dan Snyder hasn’t said a preferred region, as he has encouraged DC, Maryland, and Virginia to compete to make the best offer.  Virginia governor, Terry McAuliffe has led the charge for a Northern Virginia site.  During a live ESPN 980 broadcast from the Redskins Training Camp in Richmond in August, McAuliffe said the state is in very serious negotiations with the Washington Redskins about the potential to locate the new stadium in Northern Virginia, possibly along the Metro’s Silver Line.  All signs point to the International City land right off Route 606. 

With very limited roads, the big question is, can Loudoun County handle the traffic that comes with having a Redskins stadium? 


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