The Perks Of Living In Arlington


The Perks Of Living In Arlington

It’s a flourishing city that has several things going in its favor – such as its low unemployment rate; diverse economy that encompasses retail, healthcare, technology and telecommunications jobs. Unlike other regions in Virginia, Arlington is quite modern and cosmopolitan. People moving to Arlington, VA from large cities for employment or education will feel right at home, thanks to the suburb’s bustling and diverse population.


The place is among the most well-connected counties/cities in America. Not just is it close to several hotspots and key locations, the transportation system is also quite robust and varied. There are a couple of major airports servicing the area: Dulles International Airport and Reagan National Airport. The Dulles is predominantly serviced by several international airlines; the Reagan Airport, on the other hand, offers many domestic flights and also makes accessing Washington D.C. quite easy.

Right from buses and metros to taxis, there are commuting options for everyone.  The metro rail system that has multiple lines across the region. And not to mention the several walking/biking trails that serve both as a commuting and cardio spaces. These trails are well-maintained and quite safe to use during the day.

Diverse Community

Arlington is a melting point of sorts of diverse people and their cultures, which is constantly changing courtesy the continuing influx of people from other parts of the country – this is all thanks to the booming job market. It sure doesn’t boast of the demographics of New York City, but you’ll certainly come across a fair share of ethnicities in Arlington. The place is quite densely populated, which adds to the place’s liveliness.  The diversity is so rich, there are grocery stores that sell items catering to specific communities. For example, Indians would definitely find a store or two that specialize in local Indian products.

Great Food

Arlington has a great variety of food to offer, thanks to its numerous multi-cuisine and specialty restaurants. This variety again has to be attributed to the different backgrounds of the people that live in Arlington. The variety is not just in terms of cuisine, but also in terms of price points. Like most cities in the States, the fancy, big restaurants are not inexpensive, but you are not forced to go there, thanks to the many smaller places that offer sumptuous food for reasonable prices.

Versatile Climate

In Arlington, you’ll get to experience all the major seasons of a year. It’s not predominantly cold or hot. You can experience the major climate seasons in their complete glory. During winter, you get to experience snow, cold and ice; spring brings along cherry blossoms; and the summers are balmy and colorful, with maple and oak trees at their colorful best.


If you’re looking for a destination to propel your life and career, then buying property and living  in Arlington, VA makes much sense. The place is constantly abuzz and there are so many things you’ll invariably be engrossed in. But the diverse layout of Arlington also means you can escape the euphoria and buzz at will and enjoy some quiet and peaceful time.

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